The following photographs are of full panel set that I currently have in my store on Ebay. It represents an early B17 "G" model, which was the first variant of the final series of B17 built during WWII. all the instruments are original WWII vintage items. The panel itself is built exactly as the G series was done, with a plywood frame in the back and 3 phenolic panels, which held the instruments.


The following photographs are of the Mag Switch, or as it was sometimes caller, cowl flap panel. It sits on top of the center throttle conslole and can be seen in the original photograph below. Mag switches, toggle switches and the keying switch are all original WWII units. The toggle switches are a close match to the originals, although not the exact type used in every position.

These are photos of the Fire Control Panel, called that because of the LaFrance CO2 engine fire extinguisher controls on the bottom front. It also contains the 4 engine starting switches, 4 oil dilution switches, 8 lights showing the carburator air cleaner. Switches and lights are all original WWII items and th LaFrance unit is an accurate reproduction of an original.

This is an actual photograph of an early "G" series B17