Following is an email received today (10/24/03) from Mike Yamada, who flies on the 909 as flight engineer.
Bruce, My project is nearing completion after the remarkably simple process of placing instruments in the panel I purchased from you.  Placing the instruments was completed after first checking the dimensions against original plans of the panel, and confirming the box structure's dimensions.  I found your panel to be exactly correct, and the instrument fit was amazing.  Each instrument was perfectly cut in the panel face with all mounting screw holes exactly placed.  The instruments literally fell into place.  I am placing the lettering on the panel now, and expect it to be completed in a few days.  It looks amazing! I have flown aboard the Collings Foundation's B-17G, painted to resemble the 91st Bomb Group's "Nine-O-Nine", for over ten years.  Three years ago I joined the tour and flew as Flight Engineer during stops in
ngine instruments as we took off and landed.  I swear if I stare at the panel and concentrate, I can feel the engines! Thank you for a faithful reproduction of the B-17G's instrument panel.  Your attention to detail, and craftsmanship are remarkable. Best regards, 
Mike Yamada




Following is an email I just received from my last customer:  I have been a B-17 enthusiast for a very long time and always contemplated building an instrument panel. The ones I have seen have been high in cost and low in value, bare metal panels with no detailing. That is until I found the one made by Bruce. Without question, this panel is absolutely exceptional in quality and value! The panel is exact and finished to the highest standards. All that needs to be done is to mount the instruments which fit like a glove in the panel. The panel comes with a set of decals that make it look like it just came out of a Flying Fortress. Believe me when I say that if you are a B-17 collector, you must have one of these. Nothing else in my collection has compared to the feeling of gazing into this panel. It's like being right there in the cockpit. You won't be disappointed!!




Bruce,You can add this to your list of satisfied customers ----
I have been collecting B-17 memorabilia for many years and always wanted to set up a B-17 instrument panel. This well constructed and finished panel is as close as you can get to the orginal. The predrilled instrument dial and mounting holes allowed me to easily mount my gauges as I purchased them and the panel decals that come with the panel make it truly look like it came out of a B-17, you can't go wrong with a panel like this. Bruce's after sale help is exceptional and you will find that he is more than willing to answer any of your questions. -- D. Los

You have been a great help with this project and I really appreciate it. "I had looked at a number of different panels available on the internet and NONE of them come close to the quality and price of this one. Most of the others were just flat panels that were way overpriced considering what you got in return. The craftsmanship of these panels is superb and is of the highest quality. If you are a lover of the B-17 and want to display your collection of instruments, this is the panel to buy. Do not settle for anything else.  Additionally, the placards that come with this panel help immesurably in the proper appearance of an accurate B-17 cockpit and are a "must have" for the serious collector.  Lastly, the "after-the-purchase" support is also remarkable and has been an added pleasure. Bruce has a wealth of knowledge in regards to this topic that has help me considerably in the process of completing my panel. Count me as a completely satisfied customer...and a fan!  John 


I suppose it was just fate that I ran across your web site. I wasn’t looking for any particular item at the time. Now here I am, with the greatest addition I could ever imagine to my home, your authentic instrument panel reproduction of the probably the greatest bomber of WWII, the B-17 Superfortress.  

I have been an active pilot with the Commemorative Air Force for 23 years. Warbirds listed in my logbook include the Junkers Ju-52, HE-111, T-6/Harvard and the venerable DC-3/C47. I have also flown in many other Allied and Axis aircraft including the B-17 just for the pure pleasure. I must say Bruce, the detail and craftsmanship of your B-17 panel is unbelievable. Perfect cutouts and mounting holes in the panel allowed for my instruments to literally jump out of their shipping boxes as I received them, and install themselves. Afterwards I just couldn’t help but hear a collective sigh from all of them, along with a faint whisper “finally home and together again.” Trust me Bruce; you probably could help out with the seven plus actual B-17 restorations in progress at this time. Believe me when I say: “You just can’t tell the difference between your masterpiece and Boeings.”

With your expert help, I finished the vast majority of collecting and installing all the necessary parts in a matter of a few short weeks. I look forward to continuing working with you as I work on the Fire Control Panel and Magneto/ Cowl Flap Panel.


Gary A. Metelak

CAF Check Pilot



I found Bruce's site by bidding on the wonderful autopilot that he offers.  The quality and service were great.  I have recently started collecting and was pleased to have found his site.  I had hopes of getting all the gauges but didn't have the skills to be able to create a panel to put them in.  After browsing I found that Bruce also had the complete B-17 panel to purchase.  This panel is much better than the pictures show and it is a welcome addition and well worth the price and the crate for the shipping option worked wonderfully.  The panel arrived in two days time and in perfect condition.  I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase as it is a dream come true to have the entire set without having to wait years to collect he individual components.  This was a wonderful experience and I recommend this panel to all who are interested the craftsman is first rate and it makes a great display item.


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